Hogfader light function explained

Our “NO SPOOK” technology explained:

Our lights have a microprocessor that controls the function of the LEDs when motion is sensed. The red and green visible light units will fade up
slowly over a 90 sec period. The light will stay bright  for a minimum of 2 minutes. That time is extended by 30 seconds each time motion is sensed.
If motion is not sensed after 2 minutes, the light will fade down to a very dim state over a 45 sec period. Each light has a night sensor that will
energize the unit at dusk and shut it off at dawn. There is no ON switch or settings to manipulate. Just connect a standard 12v feeder battery,
mount the light anywhere using our mounting kit, and you’re ready to roll. If you are not using a solar panel, you can expect the unit to last a few
nights without charging based on the unit being triggered approx 40 times each night.

Our IR version will brighten in two stages when motion is sensed. Time is extended in the same way that the visible red & green lights are.
When no motion is sensed and the light is at “idle”, the unit provides enough light to still see if animals are present, so you will have visual
capability all night long whether triggered or not.

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