About Hogfader

The Hogfader hog hunting feeder light system has been developed over the past 12 months, from early 2021. This is a new product that will allow your hog hunting success to skyrocket!! Our Hogfader light was created for the night hunter who wants to hunt hogs using a feeder type light, but doesn’t want to wait a week or so for pigs to ‘get used to it’. We all want to hunt when and where we want and now you can with our NO SPOOK technology. Our lights are offered in RED, GREEN and IR and with the built in fading up & down of the “NO SPOOK” technology, you can rest assured that the hogs coming to your baited area, wherever it is and regardless of when you placed it there, won’t be spooked or intimidated by a ‘new’ scary spot light . With our mounting system kit, the light is mounted to shine down onto the animals as opposed to being aimed ‘at’ them. That, along with the “NO SPOOK” technology will give you an awesome hog hunting experience ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

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