Should your light shine ON the hogs or AT them? That depends….

This is a very common discussion on hunting forums and I will try to offer some insight here. The best way, for you and your day scope, to light up the pigs is to have an extremely bright red or green light mounted between you and the feeder that will flood the feeder area with light while illuminating the side of the hogs facing you in the blind. Yes, of course that will provide the optimum lighting for seeing all fine details of the hogs being lit up. However, many hunters know that a light set up like this often needs to be set up days in advance to have a fair chance for the hogs to feel comfortable enough to come in. However, what if you have a new spot/feeder that you want to hunt next weekend, but it currently has no light set up. If you put a bright flood light up that Friday afternoon, shining ‘at’ the feeder or baited area, you risk a good chance that any hogs in the area will be spooked and will avoid the light until they can get used to it, which would be a few days after you have gone back home. If someone is planning to put up a light and keep it there for future hunting, shining the light ‘at’ the feeder works very well. But, if you plan to put up a light on Friday afternoon and hunt that location all weekend without SPOOKING the hogs, our Hogfader light and mounting system has the answer. It can be mounted just about anywhere in only a few minutes. It is very portable. If the light is new to the location, you can mount the light so that it shines down ‘onto’ the hogs. The light is oriented, in this scenario, not to shine ‘at’ the pigs, but ‘on’ them, so they will not have a bright light shining in their eyes as they arrive. As they get closer and start to eat under the light, it will slowly brighten as the motion sensor is triggered. They will still not have a bright light in their eyes, because the hogs typically will not look ‘UP’.  That being said, if you prefer to have your light shining ‘at’ the baited area, that is no problem of course. Our mounting system allows you to have your light just about anywhere and literally at any height, angle and direction you prefer. And, you can adjust where it is shining very easily without taking it down. I know that my friends and I aren’t the only ones who have spend hundreds of dollars and many hours of frustration installing and testing different feeder lights to find one that works well and allows us to hunt when and where we want. That is why I created the Hogfader feeder light system. Visit Hogfader.com  to find out more and get your light with mounting kit. In RED, GREEN and INFRARED

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